Welcome Home

Jo Pie Whyld is a Kalamazoo based singer-songwriter who plays guitar and ukulele.  Whyld identifies most with the genres of indie and freak folk music.

Her folk style string playing creates a fittingly strange landscape for her moody lyrics and lilting voice.  Whyld’s songwriting themes stretch from whimsical stories of faeries to  songs about deeply personal struggles.

Whyld’s inspiration to play has always been for the joy of expression.  Growing up she found solace in the music she listened to, “It made me feel less alone; like I wasn’t the only weirdo.”  She hopes to reach people who feel they are chastised for being different and help them embrace themselves for who they are.

Having spent the last several years in Ypsilanti, MI honing her craft, she is excited to make Kalamazoo her new home and finally take steps toward being a professional musician.  It will be wonderful to share her growing art with such a warm and welcoming community.




For booking or any other information, feel free to get in touch!